In the fourth iteration of The VHS Tapes series, we have an exceptionally special treat from our esteemed friends in Japan!

Prof. Koichi Hosoi and Prof. Akinori Nakamura, working at Ritsumeikan University and the Ritsumeikan Center for Game Studies (RCGS) in Kyoto have created a presentation on their current preservation projects. 

Prof. Hosoi and Prof. Nakamura discuss the storied history and current work of the Game Archive Project, the RCGS, and the RCGS database.


The presentation offers wonderful insight into the diverse and comprehensive preservation efforts of the RCGS team.

From physical preservation, gameplay preservation, and preservation through emulation – a project that was officially sanctioned by Nintendo themselves(!!) – this talk demonstrates the many viable ways that preservation can be conducted.

The talk also includes an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Ritsumeikan’s archive and storage of over 9000 items including Japanese videogames, consoles, media, and ephemera.