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Member Publications

National Videogame Museum

‘Time Extend!’ : ESRC Whitepaper

The future of curating, preserving and exhibiting videogames.Quite simply, unless we act now:

  • future generations will permanently lose access to their cultural heritage
  • the next generation of developers will be robbed of their ability to access and learn from historical reference material
  • the distinctive histories of regional game development and the cultures of play will remain untold

‘Game Over?’ : British Academy / Leverhulme Trust
WhitePaper (2018)

Funded by the British Academy & Leverhulme Trust, ‘Game Over’ is a White Paper originally commissioned from the National Videogame Foundation* and Bath Spa University in 2017 and published in 2018. It was written by James Newman and Iain Simons.

Game Over? is concerned with the long-term sustainability of the UK videogame industry. While the economic and cultural value of videogames to the UK and global creative sectors is widely recognised, the long-term sustainability of games heritage is under threat. Unless we act now, future generations will lose access to their cultural heritage and the next generation of UK developers will be robbed of historical reference material.

NVM Explainers

NVM Explainers are short guides to some of the key questions and ideas that we think about at the National Videogame Museum. 

001: What’s a Videogame?

What do you mean by “videogame”?
Even though they are all around us
and played by more people than ever,
agreeing on what we mean by ‘videogame’ is surprisingly hard