The VHS is a subject specialist network created to bring together organisations and individuals working in digital game collection, exhibition and interpretation across the globe.

Membership is open to all!

Museums, galleries, archives, universities, research institutes, independent curators, researchers, private collectors…any individual or organisation with an interest in digital game heritage or developed research, practice and policy interests in digital game culture heritage, we would love you to join the VHS!

The VHS defines digital game heritage in broad, open and inclusive terms and actively extends its welcome to members whose activities centre on all aspects of game preservation, collection, exhibition, display, and interpretation.

It is anticipated that special interest groups will emerge to address specific areas of interest within the field, negotiated and formed by members. 

The VHS is led by the National Videogame Museum.

Everyone is here!

What Does the VHS provide?


To advocate for the collection, preservation, exhibition, access and interpretation of videogames as a form across both the heritage sector and the videogame production sector itself.

A particular priority is promoting preservation awareness and preservation-friendly development practice within the games industry itself.

Sharing and Support:

To collect and share videogame preservation, exhibition, interpretation conservation knowledge. The SSN will provide a centre of gravity for discussion and development of practice and policy in the UK, also collecting dialogue and opportunities from the international community for the group.

It will nurture a community of support for organisations and individuals working in the field. 


To support and encourage the development of new expertise and knowledge in the field, through encouraging and brokering new research collaborations.

How do I join?

Please fill out our membership form here! Membership will give you access to the forum and mailing list.

If you have any questions, contact the VHS at