The VHS Tapes is the Videogame Heritage Society’s monthly series of 2021 online events funded by Art Fund.

Every month a National Videogame Museum curator will be in conversation with a special guest from our subject specialist network and beyond about preserving & sharing videogame heritage.

Dan Wood’s Prized Possession: an Atari Jaguar

Ravi Abbott versus the Raspberry Pi

In this inaugural episode of The VHS Tapes, we were joined by 2/3rds of the brilliant Retro Hour Podcast. Our guests, Ravi Abbott and Dan Wood discuss their extensive collection of unique video game hardware and experiences with the medium.

We pay particular attention to how obsolete forms of digital media and digital game hardware have been reimagined for contemporary uses. Expect cameos from a modified Raspberry Pi and Atari Jaguar.

Also indulge in some zoom schadenfreude, as we witness Mikey’s visible regret at parting with his old Sony CRT TV.